If someone ever tells you a certain song is important to them you should turn it up and lay on your bed and close your eyes and really listen to it even if its 10 minutes long because at the end you will know that person much better I think

My love for this post is unbelievable.

This is what I’ve done every day since I’ve been here.

this is important.

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life lately.
1- ramen jin with billy and jen.
2- bonesoflow mixes are making a comeback.
3- wine and meat and cheese at 13 with mark. didn’t know he worked there.
4- a free tour pass from kim to the distillery next to work.
5- roughly a year ago. we were in love. I was still depressed. October seems to kick my ass every year. every. year.
6- suhey and I spotted a one eared hopadillo at red robin. I had a burger and an adult shake and we napped under her ninja turtle blanket.
7- I hope if there is a heaven, this is an option for me to frolic in.
8- accidental amazing sushi.
9- a happier moment near the Statue of Liberty. my nose was runny, it didn’t smell bad. he was nice to me that morning.
10- I added my I love you sticker on this door a few blocks from the apartment we stayed in. because I do love you, tumblr.


this will always be a f*ckin jam even 100 years from now 

yessss. MJ will always remind me of dancing my brains out at barbs. <333

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Be(a)cause of youdaehyun kim


Be(a)cause of you
daehyun kim

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